Panasonic NE Series Wireless Speaker Systems

Panasonic earlier this week announced the pricing and availability of the new NE (Network Era) Series of wireless speaker systems. The SC-NE1, SC-NE3 and SC-NE5 all feature outstanding sound quality and wireless connectivity. Having announced the SC-NE1 earlier, the NE3 and NE5 follow in its footsteps adding to an already quite good feature list.

The SC-NE1 comes with a 2-Way Speaker System featuring an 8cm Long Stroke Woofer with Nanosized Bamboo Cone and a 2.5cm Tweeter. It can produce a strong and deep bass sound that would be hard to imagine coming from such a slim and compact unit.

Sometimes there is a distortion generated by scattered reflection of sound from the surfaces in our environment. This has been greatly reduced by noise cancelling with digital signal processing. And the strong lightweight Nanosized Bamboo Cone speaker with high acoustic velocity is used to achieve sounds with high sound pressure and clarity. The Panasonic NE Series 3-1/8 inch Long Stroke Woofer employs large-amplitude vibrations and produces a genuine deep base sound.

This new NE series has the latest in networking connectivity with a better high-quality sound for almost all listening circumstances. It has as well a curved aero stream port to control the airflow and reduce the noise emitted from the ports. All this results in a better, deeper bass. The demand for being able to stream music from wherever you are is always rising, without having to dock the device. This new wireless design makes it easier for the normal everyday consumer to listen to music.

The Panasonic SC-N3 and N5 even add to these set of features. The NE5 includes docking/CD unit with a lightening pin connection to seamlessly work with the iPhone 5 /iPod touch (5th generation). You can set up the speaker unit in a suitable location and keep the docking/ CD unit next to you. The N5 also has a USB terminal which makes it possible to connect to a lot of devices, while both the NE5 and NE3 can be synced through DLNA, AirPlay and Bluetooth for other Apple or Android devices.

It also includes a new Panasonic Music Streaming app which makes it easier for users to control the streaming music directly from their smartphone or tablet, in fact it can be controlled from a great range of wireless devices.


The Panasonic NE Series has a very comfortable user experience and operation apart from how good it looks. I bet it could fit very well in a lot of people’s living rooms or any other location you might prefer. Panasonic have been stepping up their game in terms of design and the NE Series is a good example of that.

All Panasonic NE versions will be available in May but the Panasonic SC-N1 has already been made available.


Here is more information from Wikipedia on Panasonic

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