Linksys RE2000 Dual-Band Wireless-N Range Extender

The new Linksys RE2000 Dual-Band Wireless-N Range extender is ideal for extending wireless coverage in the home. When people use wireless routers in the home they often experience a weak wireless signal in some parts of their house. Sometimes caused by blocking elements like walls or interference from other devices such as baby monitors, microwaves or other phones. The new Linksys RE2000 Range Extender helps maximize wireless coverage and eliminates “dead spots” in the Wi-Fi coverage throughout the home.

The Linksys RE2000 works seamlessly with all b/g/n Wi-Fi devices so you can connect all of the computers and devices around your home. The placement of the device can be very flexible and it can fit into any wall outlet or desktop placement, which allows you to optimize the location and position to achieve best possible range and performance.

Linksys, now owned by Belkin and previously by Cisco, has been a leading brand in the wireless router industry for some time. With this newest addition it seems to be strengthening its position despite the recent takeover from Belkin.

The RE2000 is designed to extend b/g/n Wi-Fi signals from any wireless router, whether supplied by a broadband provider or purchased by the consumer, and provides connectivity to a wired device such as a printer or smart TV through a built-in network port. I used the Linksys E2500, a dual band wireless-N router, to connect it too during testing. The setup could be easier, it needs a little bit of configuring but there is a CD that comes with it that guides you through a setup wizard, but some might need to use the manual way. Here is a video that shows exactly how to set up the RE2000 manually (although it says RE1000 in the video, the same procedure applies to both devices).

Mike Chen, the senior director of product management at Linksys said this when the Linksys RE2000 was announced; “As more mobile devices are used in the home, consumers realize greater wireless coverage is needed to cover all areas of their house”. And I agree with him, for some this kind of device is even essential in this day and age where demanding mobile devices are insisting on being connected all the time. For further information check out the star rating at the top of the post for my overall look and feel.

Key Features:

Compatible with b/g/n Wi-Fi devices
Choose between 2.4 or 5GHz band options
Simple wireless set-up wizard that helps achieve optimal coverage and performance
Built-in Fast Ethernet Port to connect wired devices
Connects to a wall socket or can be placed flexibly by connecting the 1.5m power extension cable


Here is more Wikipedia information on Linksys by Cisco

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