Coby MP620 – Video MP3 Player Worth Buying?

Coby MP620 is an interesting MP3 player. It’s very cheap and small, but still offers some good functions worth mentioning. It comes in three colors, black, blue and red and two variations, 4GB and 8GB. In a world where the MP3 player market is dominated by Apple, the Coby MP620 Video MP3 Player may seem like a lightweight competitor. For it to be noticed by regular consumers, it has to offer something different. It has the usual music playback capabilities, of course, but the Coby MP3 player is also loaded with features such as video player, picture viewer, and FM radio. These are pretty much standard features in other MP3 devices but very welcome addition to such a low price device.


The Design

The Coby MP620 Video MP3 has a 1.8 inch color screen with a color LCD display. The screen is a bit small but it is big enough to view pictures and see some decent video playback. Some might be disappointed using this device to watch movies and other videos. The screen is a little too small and only offers a quite low resolution. The device itself is quite good looking and fitted very well in my palm. I can imagine it will appeal to a wide range of people of any age. It’s very light, even compared to other MP3 players in the same price range. The affordability factor may be the comparative advantage of Coby MP620, but it may also be a deterrent for discerning consumers.


The Quality

A price that is just a fraction of the price of the MP3 market leader can certainly give the impression of poor quality.  This is not the case with Coby, handling and testing the device was a pleasure. Despite its affordable price, the Coby MP620 does not feel cheap at all and its size will fit comfortably in your pocket. The back of the device is also rubberized so you can hold it firmly in your hand without worrying about dropping it. The rubber also protects the device from scratches.

Coby MP620 MP3 video player

Coby MP620 MP3 video player


Ease of use

The MP620 is an ideal device for beginners. Even kids will not have a hard time figuring out how to control it. The interface seemed very nice, you can do everything you want and it’s easily navigated. Learning how it works takes no time at all if you have played with any similar device before. For a total newbie it’s ok too, don’t be afraid to try it out. You can’t really break anything, and if you get into trouble, you can always look into the manual which offers some decent step by step instructions. Copying music, pictures and other files to the device is easy. If offers compatibility with all the major operating systems, like Windows and Mac OS X, thanks to the Coby Media Manager software. Just hook the device to your computer via the USB 2.0 port, install the Media Manager software and you are ready to transfer files in a quick and easy way.


The Sound

MP3 players are usually bought because of their function to play music. The sound quality can sometimes be a deal breaker when it comes to these lower cost devices. Although the Coby MP620 is a low cost device, it still delivered good quality sound in my testing. It also has an equalizers you can play with for different music genres to optimize the music styles. If you want full enjoyment I recommended you buy a decent headset as the earphones included in the box are a disappointment.



The Coby MP620 is definitely great value for money. While it’s very affordable, it does not sacrifice the quality in the most important features of an MP3 player, the design and sound quality. Coby might not be out to dethrone the market leader, but at least it’s brave enough to try. For people who enjoy a great bargain I can fully recommend this product.


If you don’t like the Coby player, here are more options for you to consider. Play around and see which one fits you best!


Here is more Wikipedia information on Coby Electronics

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